ILFOM’s Board of Directors

President: Nicole Kedzie

Nicole lives in Steward with her husband, two children, and their bloodhound Tucker. She first learned about homebirth when she was 19 and has been hooked since! Nicole is a midwifery student and enjoys running her area’s homebirth support group and playing with her kids.


Secretary: Aisha Goodman

Aisha enjoys exploring the amazing museums and neighborhoods of her newly adopted hometown, Chicago, where she and her family have lived since early 2009. She tells kids which plants are edible at the park and encourages regular tree climbing. She also likes reading, both to herself and her children, growing gardens, cooking beautiful food, and creating whatever she can dream up. Early in her relationship she told her husband that she would almost definitely want to have their children at home, if they should ever have any. He replied that home birth made a lot of sense to him. She swooned, and thereafter happily agreed to marry him. Three children have since joined their family at home in three different states, including Illinois.


Events Coordinator: Carrie Vickery

Carrie and her family moved to Illinois just a few months after her third homebirth. Her personal experience with the challenges of birthing at home before and after CPM decriminalization in her home state has inspired her to be part of changing the laws around homebirth in Illinois. In addition to her work with ILFOM, Carrie hosts local homebirth support groups for interested parents in the far southwestern suburbs of Chicago. She enjoys spending time with her family learning, adventuring, and creating.

Regional Representatives:

Emily Dickey – Rockford

Emily Dickey

Sarah Moore – Quad Cities

Sarah lives in the Quad Cities with ever husband, three daughters, a lab, and a few hens. She is a student midwife. She attended her first homebirth as a doula student and was amazed by how peaceful and supportive the environment was. Upon further investigation, she learned that not all families have the opportunity to hire a midwife to attend their birth at home. This fueled her desire to help! She birthed her third precious daughter in water at home with the loving support of her family and her midwife.

Jennifer Navarro – South Chicago

A mother of two, Jennifer Navarro came to birth work because of her own birth experiences: a daughter and a son, both born peacefully in water, attended by a hospital midwife. These transformative events awakened a call within to work with childbearing families and to support women during this sacred time in their lives. Jennifer is a professional labor support doula with Birthways in Chicago, as well as an active volunteer with Chicago Volunteer Doulas, providing birth support for women who would not otherwise have access to doula care.

Before joining the world of birth professionals, Jennifer spent over a decade working in communications and public relations. She was raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, has lived in various neighborhoods around the city, and currently resides in the Mt. Greenwood community on Chicago’s south side.

jennifer navarroscale

Laura Navarro – Rockford

Ashley Price- Urbana

Ashley lives in Urbana with her partner and two children, 4-year-old Evelyn and 1-year-old Tavian. She first became interested in homebirth advocacy when she was forced to look for a black market midwife. A former LLL Leader and current Breastfeeding Counselor with Breastfeeding USA, she finds that breastfeeding and birth advocacy go hand in hand. Ashley is an avid crafter and amateur artisan baker. You can usually find her at a park with her kids talking about birth with anyone who cares to listen.


Trish ShermanPfeiffer – Southern IL

Trish is a Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator at Magnolia Doulas in Carbondale, Illinois. She is co-leader of the Southern Illinois BirthNetwork. She began advocating for licensure of Certified Professional Midwives in 2010 when she became pregnant with her second child. She can be reached at trishsp (at)