What’s a CPM?

What's a CPM?

CPM stands for Certified Professional Midwife.

CPMs are non-nurse midwives trained specifically in attending birth outside of a hospital setting. This means that they are qualified in preventing, identifying, and responding to birth complications in the low-tech setting of your bedroom. Their scope of practice is limited to the childbearing year in low risk pregnancies. They do not perform well-woman care or attend high risk births.

CPMs are the gold standard for out-of-hospital birth and are recognized in 30 states including Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

With licensure, CPMs will be able to practice openly.

This means that they can openly collaborate with obstetricians, allowing a smooth transfer of care in the event of a low risk pregnancy becoming high risk, or if complications arise during labor. Because of this, having licensed, regulated midwives will ensure the safety of Illinois’ homebirthing families.

The Big Push for Midwives’ FAQ has more information.