Mission and Bylaws


Illinois Friends of Midwives is a consumer organization dedicated to the advancement of the Midwives Model of Care in Illinois by supporting efforts that increase access to Certified Professional Midwives. Through political action, community organizing and education, we aim to bring consumers together to support licensing of Certified Professional Midwives and to support allied individuals and organizations.


The organization shall be named Illinois Friends of Midwives (ILFOM).

Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of ILFOM is to increase access to out of hospital birth, licensed CPMs, and the midwifery model of care through grassroots political organization.

Membership of ILFOM is open to any Illinois resident.

Board of Directors:
New members of the Board of Directors shall be appointed by the existing Board from volunteers in the membership. The Board shall consist of the following roles:

President – Liaison with Coalition for Illinois Midwifery (CFIM), set meeting agenda, direct the activity of the Board

Secretary – Maintain databases of consumer and legislator information, take meeting minutes, maintain website or delegate task to another member of the Board

Events Coordinator – Organize Lobby Days or other events as the Board chooses

Regional Representatives – Responsible for networking with and organizing political action among the consumers in their area, to promote midwifery events at the local level, and to work with political candidates with the goal of electing supporters of our cause

The Board shall have no fewer than four members and no more than fifteen. If the Board reduces to below four the existing Board members shall actively recruit from the membership of ILFOM until the Board comprises at least four.

All Board members are co-equal and each shall have one vote on each measure.

A quorum shall be defined as 75% of the Board, or as many members as is closest to that ratio.

A motion is passed with 75% approval of voting members. We aim for consensus.

The President, Secretary, and Events Coordinator shall comprise the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is co-equal with the Regional Representatives, and is tasked with additional organizational roles.

The members of the Executive Committee will be elected by consensus in late summer of each year from the members of the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise determined by the Board no later than 2 months in advance, nominations will open on July 25th and run for 5 days. Voting for the Executive Committee opens on August 1st and closes on August 8th. The elected members of the Executive Council will take office on August 9th.

ILFOM will become a registered non-profit with the state of Illinois. The Board is empowered to raise funds for the benefit of ILFOM, CFIM, and to further the effort to license CPMs.

These by-laws may be amended by consensus of the Board of Directors.